Friday, April 09, 2010

More iPhone Apps

A few more iPhone applications from watch companies and fashion brands. We will look at 2 of them. But first the new applications, Tissot, Perrelet, Hermes and Van Cleff & Arpels. All these applications are basically the same, they all tell you how to locate the nearest store or boutique, gives you a catalogue of their products, news and updates and even a watch that you can use and play with.

Lets look at Tissot's application. The best part about the application is that you can play and use the popular Tissot T-Touch watch. In this case we have the T-Touch Expert. All the functions work except for the barometer and thermometer. For these, dummy numbers are used to simulate the function.

There is a catalogue of sort where you can see and decide which of the T-Touch is for you and also how to use the watch. The application also provides you with the latest news and location of their nearest store or boutique.

Photograph: Tissot

The next application in an interesting one. It is the Hermes application. The application features the Hermes Cape Cod Grandes Heures. The interesting aspect of the application is that it allows you to display the time according to your moods. The Hermes Cape Cod Grandes Hueres does not tell time in the normal manner. The watch allows you to move the hour hand faster or slower, dependent on your mood. The hour markers on the watch are not in its usual location.

Photograph: Hermes

The application also lists Hermes stores and boutiques worldwide.

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