Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DaLuca Straps

DaLuca Straps, based out San Diego, Ca in the US was founded in 2009 and creates 1 of a kind, handmade, individually named watchstraps for Panerai and other high-end watches. The company offers an alternative to the original strap that comes with your watch and also to other strap available in the market.

They can turn custom watchstrap orders around in 1-2 days. DaLuca Straps use vintage ammo pouches from Switzerland, Sweden, Germany and many other countries. Many of the ammo pouches they use, dates back to the early 1900s.

They have also started to create Croc watchstraps. Best of all DaLuca Straps are constantly looking for unique sources of leather in the shape of belts, jackets, boots and other leather based products to create their standard 1 of a kind watch straps.

The watch straps they produce comes in the standard 22, 24 and 26 mm and are based on the Panerai design. They also offers straps for B&R watches.

In a natural progression, they are proud to introduce their newest products in their belt line, which use the finest strap leather in the world, which come from Sweden. The leather belts are completely handmade as are the alligator, croc and lizard belts.

For more information:

A sample of their watch straps. You can see that the design is based on the popular straps used on a particular Italian/ Swiss watch brand. 


Silver Wings.


Sylgon V.

The Orb.

I do like some of the straps that they have for Panerai watches as shown below:




Photographs: DaLuca Straps

A sample from their Belt Line. I guess once you are tired of the belt, you could send it back to DaLuca Straps and they can turn it into a watch straps.

Photographs: DaLuca Straps

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