Monday, March 07, 2011

Iguzzini Watch Company

Today I will look at a company that has been under the radar by choice. I am talking about the Iguzzini Watch Company. But before we look into who and what they offer, a bit about the history of the company.

An Italian entrepreneur, Federico Iguzzini, established the brand in Shanghai sometime between 1902 and 1903. He, much like Marco Polo before him, came to China seeking his fortune and found what he was looking for in Shanghai during that city’s golden-era. Unfortunately the company had to shut down due to the Sino-Japanese conflict and when China closed itself to the world.

The company remained dormant until 2005 when two brothers, Stephen and Lander Michel revived the brand and established the Iguzzini Watch Company in 2007. They moved very fast and introduced their first product in 2009. But unlike traditional watch companies, the Iguzzini decided to keep a low profile and sold its timepieces via the word of mouth of their satisfied customers.

The Iguzzini Watch Company is very much a niche company, specializing in limited edition collections with innovative designs and concepts. Although it is based in Hong Kong, all the watch components and parts, including movements are made in Switzerland. It is further customized, assembled and detailed by them in their workshops in Hong Kong.

The other unique aspect of the company lies in their brand line, which is ‘Changing the World Through Time’. The company achieves this by donating a healthy portion of their profits to charitable organizations that are helping to make the world a better place. They are currently working with the PRASAD Project and The ERDA Group. They also actively encourage their clients to participate in activities related to them.

Their product lineup is based on three concepts of what they believe to be important pillars of what we as people are today:

Civilizations Line: A celebration of civilizations of the world, their cultures and heritage.

Spiritual Line: The connection of our senses to the universe; a reflection of our soul and inner-self.

Passion Line: One of the deep components of our essence; a key driver of inspiration and determination.

and their Ultra-Limited Editions. The timepieces within this collection are limited to only 10 – 50 pieces. The collections under the Ultra-Limited Editions are the Space Explorer Line, the Black Line, The Independecia and the Dream Watches.

For more information:

A sample of their timepieces.

Photographs: Iguzzini Watch Company

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