Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Watch Boys leather strap

I received my The Watch Boys leather strap a couple of days ago. I ordered the strap from The Watch Boys because they are one of the few people that produces 19 mm straps. Why 19 mm? Well it is for my IWC Pilot Mk XV. 

The strap, buckle and spring bars. The strap that I ordered is the IWC style Black Buffalo Leather with White Stitch strap. The strap measures 19 mm at the lugs and 16 mm at the buckle. The strap is the standard 115/75 mm strap. 

The buckle. It is polished and it is well made. I like it as it is thick unlike many buckles I have seen.

The under side of the buckle. It is matte. The buckle is made of stainless steel. You can see from the photographs, above and below, the stitching is nice and shows quality.

The black leather backing is nice and the stitching is nice and well spaced (even). 

I do like the texture of the strap. The buffalo grain is nice. I like it. It has a higher profile as compared to the original IWC strap. The strap is 4.5 mm thick at the lugs and 3 mm at the tip.  

The tip. Nice and well made. Just look at the white thread stitching.

The only indication the strap is from The Watch Boys is the TWB stamped on the back of the strap. 

The original IWC strap. Although the strap is original IWC, it is not original to my watch. It is for the IWC Spitfire Pilot watch. I prefer this strap as it is thicker as compared to the original strap for the Mk XV.

The IWC strap has a smooth finish and it also has the white stitching. You can see the quality in the IWC strap. 

The tip of the IWC strap. I have to say that TWB strap comes close. 

The IWC stamp on the strap. 

I do love the curved ends of the IWC straps. I do wish that the TWB straps had the same curved ends.

The deployment buckle. The deployment buckle would fit the TWB strap but I decided to go with the pin buckle as that was the main reason I ordered the TWB straps (not really into the deployment buckle).

The leather backing on the IWC strap. Quality stitching.

The strap keepers (IWC).

The Strap keepers (TWB). Looks good no?

The straps fitted on the IWC.  

The straps sit closer to the case as compared to the IWC, but it does not rub against the case. 

After wearing the strap for about two days, I have to say that I am happy with the purchase. It is a quality product and it wears well. It is very comfortable and best of all, it represents great value for money.

Now should I get some for my Panerai.....

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  1. Just bought a vintage Seiko with a lightly used 18mm buffalo strap. Indentical to yours. Soft supple leather. Ive been buying very flat peccary bands ( wild boar ) for my Luch 2209 slims. Oiled pigskin is very nice as well. My 2 cents. Regards, D.