Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Ikepod Hourglass

Ikepod has released two hourglass timer in the HGS20 and the HGS80. Who would have thought that in this day of age, a watch company would release a 60 minute hourglass. The hourglass is designed by Mark Newson. 

Both the HGS20 and HGS80 are made of Borosilicate glass and measures 300 x 250 mm. It weighs a whopping 9.6 kg. The 'sand' inside the hourglass is no ordinary sand. In the HGS20, the 'sand' is made of stainless steel nickel plated nanoballs while in the HGS80, it is made of stainless steel yellow gold plated nanoballs.

The hourglass is expected to sell for around USD 18,000.

For more information:

The HGS20.

The HGS80.

Photographs: Ikepod

All I can say is I want one.....


  1. What an incredibly beautiful object!

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