Wednesday, March 02, 2011

More watch photography

Casio DW-5600C-1 Speed. I like these as I had them when I was younger (much younger). The one with the 'bull bars' has a problem common with these watch. The 'bull bar' helps to keep the bezel in place as the screws that holds the bezel has sheared, well two out of four. This due to the age of the watch and also the lack of any lubricants between the screws and the case. 

Funny how the photograph turn out. The one with the 'gold' dial is the DW-5600E-1 which does not have the 'gold' LCD background. The DW-5600EG-9 should have the 'gold' LCD background but in the photograph, it looks like green.

Looks much better, although the 'gold' colour on the DW-5600EG-9 is too dark. All it took was a white reflector.

My Suunto T3.