Friday, March 18, 2011

More macro photography

More macro photography, this time the model is the MKII Stingray 50 MOD 2C.

The crown, the operation of which is buttery smooth.

The case back. I wish the engraving/ etching were a tad deeper.

The hands. I love that it is white and not polished.

The 12 o'clock marker. As this is one of the Swiss made ones (not personalised by Bill), I could not opt of the lumed bezel insert.

The 50 bezel. There is the 60 and 70 bezel, corresponding with the bezel on the original Fifty Fathoms according to the decade it was issued. The 50 is from the 50s and so on.

The discrete date display, white on black background. I like.


  1. Awesome pictures - thanks for taking the time for snapping the MKII.



  2. Hi Aaron,

    No problem. Trying to improve.

    Best regards,