Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Bye bye Tudor

Well for now anyway. I just sent the Tudor, reference 74000N to RSC for an overhaul and crystal replacement. Yes, this is the watch that I got last week. The watch is already about 15 years old and I do not have any records of it having ever been serviced. 

It will take about 2 weeks for RSC to service and replace the crystal. The total cost is expected to be about NTD 6,200, the overhaul being NTD 3,200 and the crystal NTD 3,000. Will update this once I get the watch back.

What I like is their 'new' policy of asking if I wanted the watch polished. I guess RSC realised that perhaps that there are those who do not want their watch polished, just serviced. However I don't know if there will be additional cost if you want the polishing done.

The watch.

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