Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pelican Hardigg case

This is not really a review of the Pelican Storm case but just to show you the 'new' Pelican Storm Case. The case is the same Hardigg Storm Case reviewed here: 

Pelican has bought out Hardigg and this is the result of that buy out. The new Pelican Storm Case, reference iM2050. The case is still the same, the only change is the sticker on the case. It now says Pelican Storm Case.

This is the black case.

The new sticker.

Still proudly made in the USA.

The pinch and pull (pluck and pull?) foam. I like the foam. It is easy to use.

I have to say that the foam is different from the original Hardigg foam. There seems to a 'border' on the foam. 

A better view of the 'border'.

The foam (padding) on the cover is also thicker as compared to the original Hardigg. Could be my imagination.

Well it still says Hardigg on the bottom of the case. 

I like the case. It is easy to use and gives me the protection that I need. 

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