Friday, July 29, 2011

Damage, does it bother you?

I was posting this on one of the forums I frequent and realised that some of the watches I have are pretty dinged up. The photographs below are just some of the damage on the watches that I have. I guess I used to be 'disturbed' by the scratches and dings and dents, but after looking at some of the damage, I am no longer affected by them. In fact, I seem to like having then around, but that does not mean I will purposely ding a watch. 

Here are some of the watches and the damage (wabi).....

Rolex GMT Master. Still don't know how I got the pin prick on the case back. Perhaps the edge of the bracelet hit it.

The Tudor Snowflake. Lots of wabi, lots of love.

Panerai. Lots of scratches, more so on the highly polished case. Use to freak me out, but not anymore. 

Bell & Ross BR01-92. For those who are wondering how strong the PVD coating is, well have a look here. It is not bad. In fact I am pretty impressed by it. 

Case back. Note that almost all the PVD coat on the 'DO NOT REMOVE' screw is gone.

The Tudor Date Day. This watch 'flew' about 10 feet before landing in the bath tub. I was washing my hand and left the watch on the towel. Forgot it as there and grabbed the towel. Well, you know what happen next. Took the watch to TSC (Tudor Service Center) and they said everything was OK. Asked if I wanted the case polished and dents and dings removed, I said no.

Lastly, my Tag Heuer F1. My main reason why I have apprehension about the quality of the rubber used on Swiss made watches and it's durability and life. The watch is hardly used and the rubber has deteriorated. I asked Tag and they said that they have to replace the case. They cannot just change the rubber. Best part of all, no guarantee that there will not be a repeat performance. Sigh....

The watch, looks can be deceiving.

The rubber almost all gone. The watch is no longer water resistant.

Another view.

Even the coating on the crown is dropping off.

The rubber at the side of the watch. It is now very sticky.

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