Friday, July 22, 2011

MK travel watch pouch

A good friend gave me this watch pouch recently. I appreciate it very much. I was told that the pouch is hand made in Singapore. Anyway here is a short review of the pouch and why I like it.

The pouch. It is a two watch travel pouch. It has the typical design, where the watches are held on opposing ends so that the watch head do not knock into each other. 

It is made of light brown leather. It has a very smooth finish. The stitching is also brown and matches the leather well. The thread used is thick and nice. In contrast, the zipper is dark brown.

The zipper tab is also made of leather. Sadly the finish of the stitching is not as good as the rest of the pouch.

I am happy they went with quality zipper. It is smooth to use.

The brand is YKK, a well known zipper maker. It has a brass finish

Inside the pouch. The inside is leather lined. The sides and bottom is also well padded. The quality stitching continues inside the pouch. You can see that the manufacturer, MK has stamped their brand on the inside of the pouch, which I like. Very discrete.

Other legends include '100% Hand Made' and 'Genuine Leather'. The stamping is well executed.

The main reason I like the pouch, the rubberised straps that holds the watch down. One is fixed and the other has an opening. It is held by Velcro. 

The reason I like it  is because it makes storing a watch much much easier. 

Unlike many travel pouch/ case that I have, this one has two (instead of the typical one) tongue to separate the watches. The tongue is also made of leather and is padded. The padding is not as thick as I hope it would be, but since it has two tongue, it doubles up.

Now to show how to use the pouch and the ease of use. Open one of the hold down straps. 

Insert the watch strap as such. 

Now, just put the holder over the other strap. As easy as that. On normal pouches with two fixed hold down straps, you will need to pull and tug to get the other strap under the hold down strap. This, you just loop it over. OK, I do admit that I am that lazy :).

A snug fit. The watch is held securely in place. 

I have to say that I do like the pouch (the reason my friend gave it to me). I like the leather smell, the overall feel and quality, but most of all the ease of use.

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