Saturday, July 30, 2011

My holiday watch

It is great to be on holiday. But the question is which watch do you bring along for the holiday? Well for this trip, I decided in the following watches; Panerai PAM00367, JSAR, Tudor Date and Breitling Aerospace. Why these watches? Well, I do know that I will be going swimming during the trip, so it will be a good time to test the JSAR after the conversion, also to test it for reliability for daily use. 

As for the Breitling, it has become my unofficial daily wear watch as is the Tudor Date, which I rotate between it and the Breitling. So these two had to come along. As for the Panerai PAM00367, I thought I bring it along just for the fun of it. To tell the truth, there is no actual reason for selecting these watches, just felt like it. 

The watches, a real contrast in size.

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