Thursday, July 14, 2011

Close but no cigars

Today my Panerai collection almost grew. However it was not meant to be. A long time ago I had the Panerai PAM00024 the Submersible. It was the D series, that means 2001 release. It was my second Panerai after the PAM0003B. Sadly I sold it, painful but necessary.

It was also at this time when I decided to streamline my collection to only collecting Panerai watches in the Historic collection and limiting it to only models with the sub-second hands, i.e. those with the COSC certification. 

My collection as it stands today, from left to right, PAM0003B (on a DaLuca), PAM00111H (on a Wotancraft), PAM00367M (on what else....) and PAM00183J (on a Panerai Distressed strap and Wotancraft buckle).

I have never forgotten the PAM Submersible, as I like the watch (a lot), both the PAM00024 and PAM00025. As chance would have it, I found one, a PAM00025D in good nick and great price. It would be nice to perhaps 'move' out, just this once and get the Submersible. It would also be interesting to get a Titanium Panerai

Sadly, as the title says, close but no cigar. By the time I got to the shop, the watch was already sold. Oh well......

The watch.

Anyway I am not in a hurry to get one. I do know of another for sale, a PAM00025B with the very much in demand T dial. Will see how this one turns out. 

My Panerai storage box. There are 6 slots, but 4 watches........

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