Monday, July 25, 2011

Obris Morgan

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting with one of the principals from Obris Morgan. It was a fun meeting where I had to opportunity to see what they (Obris Morgan or OM) are planning to do and what are their future plans. 

Basically, Obris Morgan is a watchmaker that has been around for sometime, just that they were a bit under the radar. OM is the 4th. generation watchmaker from a long line of watchmakers. They have been rather successful in Asia, mainly in Hong Kong, China and Japan. Now, they are planning to take the company up a notch and introduce the brand worldwide. 

Below are some of the watches that they have been toying with. These are not the final offering but just to show the quality of the cases, dials and hands. I understand the first watch they that they will be introducing is a diver's watch. I do wish them all the best.

The concept, the case, the dial, the design...

A perpetual calendar watch.

Nice deep engraving, white filled.

Military inspired straps. 

The lug width and final taper size and length is embossed onto the strap. 

The strap keeper.

The PVD case, crown and buttons.

The dial. The final watch will be Obris Morgan and not OMT. 

The very nice engravings and overall quality of the bezel. 

The case back. 

The buttons. 

The back of the watch.

The finish of the dial and hands is pretty good. Nice selection of colours for contrast.

Engine turned sub dials.

Again the bezel. Brushed finish with nicely filled engravings.

The steel buttons. 

The case back of the stainless steel model. 

The sample watches, side by side.

I will bring more information once I have more. Hope to see their 'launch' model soon. 

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