Thursday, June 27, 2013

Breitling Aerospace

One of the watch that I really like is the Breitling Aerospace. Lots of fascination with the watch and the watch is linked to the industry I was in. But the question remains how much do I like the watch....

This much....

Seeing double?

Yes, there are two of them. But are they the same?

Shall we play spot the difference?

At a glance, other then the bracelet, the watches looks pretty much the same.

This is the Breitling Aerospace reference B75362 and it comes fitted with the Professional bracelet. The reference B75362 is for two tone Titanium and gold watch.

On with the pictorial review....

It has the same blue/ black/ gray dial as mine (reference B65362). Love the gilt on the dial and the 24  markings on the chapter ring. 

To make it easy (and me being lazy), I will sometimes reference the watches as B65 and B75.

The dial with Chronometre Aerospace.

Solid end links of the Professional bracelet. The aerospace bracelet does not come with solid end links.

The Professional bracelet does come with two tone, ti and gold, but it is rare and only came out for a short time.

The Professional bracelet is more robust as compared to the Aerospace bracelet. The links are solid.

The clasp with the safety latch. Signed and with the Breitling logo. Very nice and well made. Love the vertical brush finish on the clasp and bracelet.

Unlike the pressed sheet metal on the Aerospace clasp, the Professional bracelet has the more modern and solid hinge links (is that what you call them?).

Signed and well made. Beautiful.

The case back. You can see the reference on the case back. The other markings are the same with the B65362.

The engraving is nice and deep. However the conversion details are not as deep. The conversion table engraving is deeper on the reference B65.

The solid end links.

The Breitling logo and legend in the centre of the case back. The serial number (same as COSC number) will be below the model reference number (serial number has been photoshop away for privacy).

Legends in French. Chronometer (COSC) 100 M water resistant and Swiss made.

The Professional bracelet has the diver extension, unlike the Aerospace (which has a different system).

The clasp has a 3 position adjustment. The Aerospace does not have it. :(

It is easier to adjust the length of the Professional bracelet as it has the links with screws. With the Aerospace bracelet, you will need a hammer and a pin.

Adjustments points on both sides of the clasp.

Other differences?

The display on the reference B75 is brighter as compared to the reference B65. This is not so evident compared to my B65 as my movement has been upgraded to the Super Quartz COSC movement.

The watch offers the following complications; hours, minutes, chronograph, alarm, timer, calendar, dual time and a minute repeater. 

The pip at the 12 o'clock position is different between the watches.

A closer view.

Larger fonts on the 3,6,9 and 12 hour markers on the B75. The markers are luminous as are the gilt hands.

As noted earlier, Chronometre Aerospace instead of Repetition Minutes, just above the lower LCD display.

Side by side. The differences more evident. Yes, you can turn off the digital display. 

Love both watches. Sadly one of them is not mine. :)

All the pictures above taken with the Fuji XE1 with macro lens.

As a true pilot watch, the bezel can be rotated both ways. Turning the bezel is easy as that are bezel tabs at the 4 cardinal points. 60 clicks and all very positive. 

The crystal is sapphire and AR coated on both sides. 

For comparison, these 3 photographs were taken with the Fuji X100 on marco mode.

Both the watches are very comfortable on the wrist and being titanium, you will not feel it. I like both models, the B75 being a later model from the B65. The B65 from the 1999 era and the B75 2 years later. The movement has been upgraded to the super quartz movement, with both B65 and B75 are COSC movement.