Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yet another strap change....

As with most of my watches, I tend to swap out the original strap/ bracelet and fit a different strap or bracelet. The same with my Seiko Stargate. While I do like the PVD (?) black metal bracelet that came with the watch, some how I felt that it will look better on the Seiko rubber diver strap.

The Seiko Stargate with the original metal bracelet.

Out with the tool...

I got myself 2 rubber straps from my friendly neighbourhood watch guy. I got both the straight and curve vented rubber strap.

I decided to go with the straight vented rubber strap. Oh, the Seiko Stargate takes a 22mm rubber sharp. 

Off with the metal bracelet. Easy as the Seiko have lug holes. 

The Seiko Stargate minus its straps.

The fat spring bars from Seiko that we have come to love (or hate).

And the rubber strap fitted. I think it looks better. Perhaps less 'loud'.

Looks good on the wrist. 


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