Thursday, June 06, 2013

Reference 14060...

Sigh... thought I had this Internet connection thing beaten. Evidently not. Anyway....

Yet another Rolex Submariner reference 14060 pictorial review. :) but with a twist. This is the oxidised reference 14060 that I sent to RSC for a service for a friend. It is back. Tried to take pictures of the patina. The patina on the dial and pip is more developed as compared to the hands. 

On with the pictures. 

Apologies for the reflection on the crystal and the dust. :)

The watch, Rolex Submariner reference 14060. Watch from the 90s. Full links. 

Closer view of the watch head.

I believe it comes with the fat font bezel insert. 

The bezel still crisp. Lugs looks unpolished. RSC did not polish the watch.

2 liner, still one of my favourite. Maybe one day....

Beautiful patina on the hour markers. Also on the pip. 

White gold surrounds on the hour markers. Nice.

The Submariner....

Brushed finish at the top of the lugs and polished at the side. Gives the watch a tool watch look. 

The trip lock crown with the 3 dots. Water resist to 30 ATM. Nice and easy to use. Love the shoulders (crown protectors). and what else do I love about the watch? Lug holes.....

The clasp and bracelet. Little play. Flip lock on clasp for added security. 

The 14060 spotting the non SEL. I think it makes the watch more wearable. 

Just beautiful. Comfortable on the wrist and looks good both in casual and formal events.

White gold mercedes hands. 

Can't fault the overall build quality, something Rolex is well known for. 

Two 14060? 

Both from the 90s, yet one has patina and the other not. 

And no, both are not mine. 

All photographs taken with Fujifilm XE1 with 60mm macro lens. ISO3200, various aperture setting, shutter speed on Auto, handheld.

These were taken with an iPhone...

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