Saturday, June 22, 2013

Choices, choices, choices

One of the things that I have is that I don't use the original straps that comes with the watches, more so if the watch comes with a leather strap. Perhaps it is because I feel that it is a waste to use the original strap (in case I want to flip the watch in the future) or because I like my straps thick and rough.... :)

Anyway, the Tudor Black Bay comes fitted with a leather strap. The strap is nice, vintage looking or distressed or what ever Tudor calls it. In this case, I find the strap a tad thin for my liking. So, a replacement way due.....

The Black Bay with the original leather strap.

The straps removed. I do love the deployment. 

The spring bars.

The strap, signed.

The real thing.

The Black bay on a distressed brown strap from Cheergiant. The second 'bbkk' strap.

The gap between the edge of the leather strap and the watch. I understand that some people are concerned about the gap. 

The other side...

Since I was changing the strap, one wonders how the watch would look like with other straps. Well, I don't have many 22 mm straps, but here are a few I tried one for size....

On tropic .....

On racing (?) ....

On a normal locally produced brown strap.

Oh, I did order the metal bracelet... :)

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