Thursday, June 27, 2013

Casio Vintage Colorway

Looks like Casio has released another two watches to celebrate G-Shock 30th Anniversary. The watches, DW-5030C and DW-6930C are part of the Casio Vintage Colorway series. The watches should be hitting stores in the US if not already in the stores. Interestingly the watches are also known as the Resist Black Series which is a collection of 3 watches, the DW-5030C, the DW-6930C and the GW-5530C. 

The Resist Black series...

Photographs: Casio

All these watches are based on iconic watches from the Casio G-Shock range from the 80s. All the watches will feature the copper detailing to give it a vintage feel. 

As for me, the DW-5030C would be the one I get (if I were to get one) as it features the 'brick' pattern of the original DW-5000 and the 'Project Team Tough' on the screen.

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