Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Strap Change, Montblanc

Decided that a change is good. While I like the original strap that came with the Montblanc Timewalker Big Date, I wanted to update its look, perhaps with a more youthful look. So I ordered a new strap.

This is the strap. Not the best picture I admit. It is akin to a racing strap, with small holes on the surface of the strap. 

The back of the strap. 

The old strap, well used. Time to retire. :)

I don't think the original strap is a Croco strap, but highly likely, calf with Croco impression? Could be wrong. 

Get out the right tool. Well, basically only this tool is required.

The watch head, ready for the new strap. Took this opportunity to wash the watch.

The watch with the new strap mounted. Have to say that it does look look a tad more sporty....

Closer view of the strap.

Holes everywhere....

And there you have it. A more daring look, less dressy.....

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