Thursday, September 05, 2013


Yet another beautiful watch from the House of GRIEB & BENZINGER. This time, the watch, yes it is a single piece, is based on Area 51. Yes, the area of UFO and aliens. The people at Grieb & Benzinger drew their inspiration from popular Hollywood movies and this is what they came up with.

Working with their Master goldsmith, Albrecht Bolz, the final result is an amazing watch. Albrecht realized the watch using materials that generated a metalized liquid appearance. 

The aliens are rendered in three dimension with ruby-set eyes and the background is the surface of the moon complete with craters set with diamonds. How awesome is that. 

As with other timepieces from Grieb & Benzinger, the wonder does not end there. The next step is the case, a solid 18K palladium white gold case, encasing the mechanical movement that has been heavily modified by Grieb & Benzinger. The movement has been skeletonise, guilloched and engraved (by hand) to achieve yet another one off movement that can be considered an in-house movement. The movement has been blackened and even here you will see the extraterrestrial theme: three dimensional planets, set on the bridges, giving the impression of deep space. 

Photographs: Grieb & Benzinger

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