Thursday, September 12, 2013

Buckle Review VIII

Wood, part 2. These buckles are also made of wood. The buckles here have some of the nicest graining I have seen. Lets start.

Sapelli with Pommele patterns.

Again, another rather squarish design. 

Desert Iron Wood. I understand this is one of the most expensive wood in the market. Beautifully made, lovely graining, and nice glossy finish. 

Trademark tapering. 

Beautiful finishing.

Amboina. This is a very rare wood. This buckle has the razor edge design and it is for 28mm straps. 

The colours and graining of the wood is just unbelievable. I understand Roll Royce from the 30s use the same wood in the interior. 

The colours are just awesome.

Honduras Rosewood. I love the graining on this buckle. 

Nice glossy finish. 

Mexican Bocote. The graining of the wood reminds me of tigers. 

All the buckles are well made and robust.

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