Friday, September 20, 2013

Experiment ZR012

Experiment ZR012 is a limited edition watch of 24 pieces created by C3H5N3O9. The collection consist of the ZR012 and the ZR012 Black. We are looking at the ZR012 Black. The difference between the ZR012 and the ZR012 Black is that the ZR012 is cased in Zirconium while the ZR012 Black in black zirconium. The ZR012 Black is exclusive to The Hour Glass. For those of us in Singapore, you can view the watch at the Paragon.

Before we proceed, a bit about C3H5N3O9. It is actually the molecular formula for nitroglycerine. Now it is a horological experiment, founded by Felix Baumgartner and Maximilian Busser, assisted by Martin Frei, Cyreno Devanthey and Segr Kriknoff. 

So what is the ZR012 Black? Basically it is a time piece that uses two Wankel engine inspired Reuleaux polygon rotors tracing epitrochoid curves to tell time. That was a mouthful. :) The movement is cased in an asymmetrical blackened zirconium case with articulated compound lugs. 

The watch.

What looks like centrally rotating triangular rotors are actually Reuleaux polygons. These polygons rotate eccentrically rather then in circles. And these polygons tells the time. This system of time telling is inspired by the Wankel orbital engine. The hours is indicated by the lower rotor along the front of the dial while the minutes are indicated by the smaller upper rotor. 

The movement.

The case is made from black PVD treated zirconium (similar to titanium). The case comes in at 55mm by 44mm (lugs not included). The articulated rear lug and compound front lug wrap ergonomically around the wrist.

The power reserve indicator on the case back. 

The profile view.

Photographs: C3H5N3O9

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