Monday, September 09, 2013

Buckle review VII

Wood. These buckles we are looking at today are made of wood. How interesting is that. The buckles being reviewed, together. 

All the buckles are for 24mm straps and the buckles have either a polished or matte finish. All the buckles are very well made and have a beautiful finish, and yes, there is no danger of wood chips or splinters. 

Lacewood. Beautiful grain and finish. This has a squarish design. 

The trademark taper. 

Just beautiful. Note the spring bar hole. 

Brazilian Ironwood. Dark with layers. I like this buckle. 

A nice design, with a bit of profile along the top.

The finish, what can i say. I will the photograph do all the talking. 

Grenadill with Sapwood. Yet another nicely made buckle. Tough, as is the rest. 

Squarish design. 


Bahia Rosewood. I love the colour of the wood. Lovely. The design matches the wood, taper on the top and bottom, a 'soft' design. 

Beautiful grain and wood eye (?). 

Just awesome. 

Applewood. Nice grains. Beautiful finish. 

Lovely profile. 

Chechen. Yet another wood with layer type grain. I like the two tone finish of the buckle. 

Lovely matte finish. 

Deep colours. 

Ash tree with brown core. 

Very industrial in design. 

Tiger like grain. 

These buckles are well made and I am sure it can withstand daily usage. 

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