Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Combat Strap

I got this strap from Combat Straps about a year ago and have been using it off and on. I have to say that after a year, the strap still looks good. The strap design is based on the straps used by that French watch company. :) The unique aspect of the strap is the colour, purple, and the material, ostrich leg.

The strap.

The strap laid out in full glory, mounted on my strap test dummy.

The strap comes in at 115mm on the hole side and 75 mm on the buckle side. The strap is 24 mm wide at lug attachment and 34 mm at its maximum width. It tapers down to 24mm at the buckle. It has a wax edge sealing (in black). The holes are also sealed and shows not much elongation after a year.

Buckle side.

Hole side.

I like the strap due the graining. It has a very unique grain. Well, it is the skin off the legs of an ostrich.

The overall finish and build quality of the strap is good. The stitching is great, the use of thick thread on this strap matches the design.

The stitching at the buckle end of the strap.

I like the over the tip stitching at the tip of the strap on the hole side. Adds some character to the strap. Discrete but nice.

The bonding is also good and there is no excess glue.

The back of the strap is lined with a simple black leather piece. The strap is signed, or rather, was, as the signature has disappeared over the year.

The strap comes with two keepers, one fixed and the other floating. The keepers are 6 mm wide and the loop is just nice to allow easy insertion of the strap end when worn. The edges are also sealed.

The ends of the keepers are bonded. I expected it to give way, but after a year, it is as sturdy as new.

The strap is very soft and have gotten softer over the year. It is very comfortable on the wrist and I like it.  

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