Sunday, September 22, 2013

Casio Red Jelly Frogman

This is a pictorial review of the Casio G-Shock reference GW-203K-4DR or also known as the red jelly frogman. This watch was released in 2003 and is part of the ICERC collaboration model. ICERC is to do with dolphin and whale Eco-research network. ICERC stands for International Cetacean Education Research Centre.

It is a big watch, coming in at 49 mm diameter, 51.5 mm lug to lug, 18 mm thick. It has a black/ purplish dial, which is actual the solar panel to charge the watch. Yes it is part of the tough solar collection. The watch comes with the trademark eye at the 11 o'clock position and it is rendered in red, as is the Frogman legend at the 6 o'clock position. The rest of the legends on the dial is in white.

The tough solar module displays the time and date (month and date) at the lower larger window and the day at the smaller window above it. The watch have many functions and includes the following: time, dive site, ID (able to store CCard, Passport and blood type information), alarm (3 with signal), timer and stopwatch.

You can cycle through the functions and you know you are at the main display by sound and sight. There is a different beep when the watch cycles through the function and returns to the main display. Additionally if you use one of the functions, the watch does not cycle through the rest of the function but returns to the main display. Time display only in the alarm mode. The watch has a full auto EL (electro-light) function.

The legends on the red jelly bezel is in black. The case has an off-set design, the trademark of the Frogman collection. The case is finished off with two silver or polished pins on the bezel. I do like the jelly red bezel and band.

Indeed a well made watch.

Actually the watch has a matte titanium body that is 'wrapped' by the red jelly bezel. The transparent red bezel is held in place by a number of screws at strategic points to ensure it does not fall off. The case back is polished titanium. On it you will find the ICERC logo (in the center) with The 3rd International Dolphin & Whale Eco-Research Network legend around it. You will also find the standard G-Shock markings on the case back like brand, water resistant rating, module number and serial number. Around that, you have the warning not to open your Frogman but to send it back to an authorised center if there is anything wrong with the watch. Oh yes, most if not all Frogman are Made in Japan. :)

The beautiful screw down case back. 

Polished buttons and the screws that holds the bezel in place. 

The band, like the bezel is made of clear red jelly. The band is smooth on outside and textured inside. It measures 20 mm along the length of the strap except at the lug attachment where it expands out to 28mm. The strap attachment point is offset at the lug and unique to the Frogman, the spring bar access is only at one side.

Cooling holes, two of them along the length of the band. 

You can just see the spring bar access.

The band is marked on the inside with the following markings 431 f3 18 on the buckle side and 431 f4 18 the other side. On the outside, the band has the following markings, All as One and Dolphin & Whale Eco-research Network (silk print in black) and ICERC on the buckle side. The is also a Whale logo on the tip of the band which is shaped like the fins of a dolphin.

The strap keeper is matte red (translucent) and has a textured finish.

The buckle made in Japan, and is of the dual tang design. Talk about positive locking. The buckle has a polished side with brushed center adorned with the G logo.  

Overall, the watch is large, but it is not uncomfortable. I like the watch. Sadly it is no longer with me. 

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