Friday, September 13, 2013

Gruppo Gamma....

I came across this website by accident actually. Was looking for something else when one of the mods at that site posted a watch I have never seen before. The watch was very interesting to say the least and slowly I found out more about the watch and the brand. 

The watches falls under two collection, Genesis and Ascent and there are the regular production models and limited edition models. The company that makes the watches is called Gruppo Gamma Watches. The name Gruppo Gamma is the Gamma Group, which is the first group of commandos for the Navy. The members are swimmers selected from the Regia Marina Italian, the royal Army and the MVSN. And there ends the link between the names. 

They are a boutique watchmaker that specialise in making modern interpretation of legendary watches issued to the Italian Navy Commandos in the 40s. The watches they offer looks fantastic and true to their creed of offering value for money, the watches they sell are just that. I like the watches. I know that people will say that the watches looks like something the other Italian (Swiss) company makes, but trust me, they are not. 

Their watches are all fitted with Seagull Grade 1 movement be it hand wind or automatic. All the watches are 44mm in size and have what is popularly know as the 1940 case design. Nice. The watches are water resistant to 10 ATM and comes with a display back where one can admire the movement. Best of all is the use of C3 SuperLuminova on the dial and hands of their watches. The lume is just awesome. 

For more information:

The watches....

The Genesis collection. All the watches have stainless steel case. 


G3. California dial.


Limited Edition (50 pieces) Genesis Classic G1L. I like this watch.

The Ascent Collection. The watches in this collection comes with brass case. Cool.

Ascent Military A1.

Ascent Classic A2.

Ascent California A3. Not seen a California dial done in green before. :)

Limited Edition (50 pieces) Ascent Classic A2L.

Photographs: Gruppo Gamma


  1. Fantastic watches from a great company that offers great customer service!

  2. They are fabulous. Even better on wrist than in catalog pics.

  3. Hi John and Giuditta,

    Welcome to the blog and thanks for your inout on the brand and watches. It is great to hear from the owners about the watches and brand.

    Best regards,


  4. I'm interested to hear why you think they don't look like what Panerai is offering.

  5. Hi Kenny,

    Welcome to the blog. With regards to your question, true that they do look like what Panerai is offering, but at 44mm, 1940 case, California dial, sub-dial, basically the combination of the piece parts makes their offering rather unique and sufficiently different from what Panerai is offering. And I like the fact they are not offering exact replica of what Panerai is offering.

    Best regards,


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