Monday, September 02, 2013

Buckle Review V

The buckles in this review are made of curled Ash Tree, coloured and stabilised. I like the colours, blue, grayish and green. The buckles have a very nice finish and are very well made. I have tried to break them (within reasonable force) and they are pretty robust. I doubt you would have any problems with the buckle if worn daily.

The first buckle, finish in green, fitted with a copper tang (from Maddog).

The buckle has a flat top and comes in at a lug width of 24mm. In fact all the buckles here are 24mm.

The spring bar access hole. You can see the finish of the buckle. It is well made.

The bottom part has a tapered center. This makes the buckle sit flat against the strap and does not 'cut' the strap. A common denominator in the design of all the buckles in the review.

The blue gray version. I love the wave like grain on the buckle.

Fitted with a Damask bolt.

Again with a flat top. I tried scratching the top surface with the tang, but it does not scratch easy.

The bottom of the buckle.

The blue one. This buckle is a tad more refine in that it has a curved top and more 'shape'.

The bottom, note the tapering. Look at the edges and overall finish. Lovely.

Side view. The spring bar access. Beautiful colour and finish. Love the profile of the buckle. 

The three together. You can see the different profile of the buckles.

Nice buckles. Not something you see everyday.  

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