Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ETA 804.114 stem removal

I have been asked this a number of times, so I have decided to post it here. The ETA 804.114 is a basic 10 1/2 ligne quartz movement. It is about 3.4 mm thick and is a3 hand movement with date complication. The hand size is 120/70/20. 

So before you do this, make sure you have all the right tools. Main things to note before you do this are: remove the battery if it is installed and pull the stem out to the time setting position before you remove the stem.

The movement on a movement holder. The procedure is the same if your movement is still in the watch case.

A view of the winding stem and the point where you need to insert your tweezers to remove the winding stem.

The point is under the metal plate as indicated by the red arrow.

Carefully pry the metal plate upwards. Do not pry it up too much and careful not to bend the metal plate. Also remember to use your 'stronger' tweezers as the plate can be stiff.

The winding stem removed. It is a tap 10 stem.

The movement without the winding stem.

To install the winding stem, just do the opposite. Do not force the winding stem in if it does not want to go in. Just take it out and turn it a quarter turn and try again. Do not turn the stem in the movement.

A closer view of the movement. It is a no jewel movement.

The ETA804.114 is assembled in Switzerland from parts made in China.

And there you have it, how to remove and install the winding stem on the ETA 804.114.


  1. Thanks a lot, I cannot unstem it without your help.

    1. Hi Philip,

      Glad the article provided some help.

      Best regards,


  2. CORRECTON: You need to unscrew the screw just above the red arrow 1 thread, instead of pushing!!!

  3. CORRECTON: You need to unscrew the screw just above the red arrow 1 thread, instead of pushing!!!

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  5. Thanks a lot! I wasnt able to get remove the stem without your help.

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