Saturday, December 11, 2010

Marathon SAR strap change

I have decided to change the strap on my Marathon SAR. For those who have been following my blog knows that I modified a Seiko strap and used it on my Marathon. Well after using it since then, I have decided that the Seiko strap is not really suited for the watch. I think the Seiko strap is a tad too stiff. I know that there are ways of overcoming that problem but I decided to change the strap.

The new strap is the locally sourced 'Tropic' strap. It is a nice soft rubber (?) strap. I like it. Removal of the old strap is easy on the Marathon as it comes with lug holes. Just push the spring bars out. You may want to tape the lugs to prevent scratches. For me, I think it adds to the character of the watch. It is a tool watch after all. Strangely the strap smells of coffee instead of the usual vanilla. Wrong bean used in the manufacture?  

I realised that the spring bar holes on the new strap is smaller as compared to the spring bars. Not a problem, a little bit of silicon grease on the spring bars and in it goes. 

I have to say that the watch does look different with the 'Tropic' strap. Can't say that it look better or worst. 

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