Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Of well laid plans...

I was planning to use my Omega X-33 on an upcoming holiday. However I need to do a number of things to the watch. Actually the watch is ready to go but I wanted to use the watch with its titanium bracelet. It is currently fitted with the Kevlar strap. I have the titanium bracelet but it is short, really short. I think the original owner had a wrist size of about 6 inches. 

The other thing I wanted to do is to change the battery. I bought the watch pre-loved and do not know the service history. I do not know when the battery was last changed. I know the watch has an EOL (End Of Life) indicator but I don't want the battery to expire when I am on holiday. 

So I decided to go the the local Omega service centre. They could change the battery but the charges were a tad high. So I decided not to change the battery with them. I figure I could change the battery myself. No worries about water resistance as the watch is rated to 3 ATM. I asked if the bracelet links were available. They have to order the links and it would take about 6 weeks to get them in. Interesting. Well I told them I will think about it.

So I decided to do the battery change myself. First problem. My local watch guy did not have the battery. The X-33 is powered by a CR2320 3V battery. He said he will order the battery. I told him I want the Renata battery. After 2 days, this is what he had. Sigh!!!! But I will not be defeated. 

Next, the issue of the bracelet link. I checked the on-line site I have used before to see if they could get me the links. Yes, after checking the site they have the links in stock. So I ordered 3 links. A day later I was informed that they did not have enough in stock but is in the process of ordering more. It will be another 3 weeks before they get the links. OK, no problem. I will wait. Best of all, the links are actually cheaper on-line as compared to the service centre. 

Anyway in the process of looking for the battery and the links, I have managed to compile some part numbers for the various parts for the watch. Here is a parts number list (not complete):

Module: Omega Calibre 1666
Titanium bracelet: 020TS1998998
Link: OME-114TS1998
Crown (2nd Gen): OME-069TI42170
Bezel (2nd Gen): OME-082TS1565
Pushers (1st Gen): OME-086ST0082 and OME-086ST0083
Pushers (2nd Gen): OME-086ST0093 and OME-086ST0094
Crystal (2nd Gen): OME-062SA3029
Gen 1 case: 186.1998
Gen 2 case: 186.1999
Straps: Basically there are two length to the straps. The one with the 'L' prefix at the end is the longer version. 
Black Kevlar (with the two horns): OME-98000001 and OME-98000001L (this strap uses the Omega deployment buckle)
Black Kevlar (with the two horns): OME-98000006 and OME-98000006L (this strap uses the Omega pin buckle)
Green Kevlar (flat type): OME-98000070 and OME-98000070L
Red Kevlar (flat type): OME-98000071 and OME-98000071L
Black Kevlar (flat type): OME-98000069 and OME-98000069L

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