Friday, December 31, 2010

Omega X-33 Bracelet

Finally got the links for my Omega X-33. Actually got it on Christmas day. Yeah, the mail works on Christmas day here in Taiwan as it is not a national holiday. Now I have a another option on how to wear the X-33. Just a reminder, I got this watch pre-loved and the original owner has small wrist. No extra links were available. The strap came with the bracelet, Taikonaut NATO strap and a long strap. Later I got the Kevlar strap. 

Anyway on with the installation of the extra links. First I have to apologise as the photographs are a tad soft. I suspect dust on the lens. On with it.

The new links, fresh packed from Omega.

The link plus necessary parts. There are two sets of the pins and locking collar.

The part number of the links.

The supplier had one in stock and had to order more, hence the delay. That is why there are two that are 'attached' and one loose.

The bracelet. It is short for me, even when deployed.

The beautiful clasp. Looks unused.

The parts. You can see the two sets of pins and locking collar (the short tubes). The link is protected by the blue film.

The film removed.

The tools. 

Here you can see which way to push the push the pins out. The locking collar sits in the center link.

Punch out the pins. Make sure you don't loose it. Also be careful of the locking collar as it sits loose in the center link. The photograph below shows the wrong way to do this as the best way is to disconnect the bracelet from the clasp.

The correct way. Disconnect the bracelet from the clasp. Don't loose the clasp spring bar. It is not the same as the spring bars that attach the bracelet to the watch.

The watch on its Kevlar strap.

Test fitting the bracelet to ensure that the clasp sits 'center' or balanced to the watch. It is important, otherwise the watch can rotate on your wrist.

All done. The bracelet installed on the watch.

The watch on my wrist. Feels good. I like it. I think it will be on the metal bracelet from now on.

The kevlar strap, now 'retired', packed with the long cloth strap. It is a 'locally' produced strap.


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