Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Omega X-33 Battery Change

First, this is not for the faint-hearted. Secondly, make sure you really want to do this and not use this as your first attempted. Thirdly, this is NOT a tutorial on how to do this. OK, on with it....

The Omega X-33. It is not 'dead', just want a new battery inside as I do not know when the battery was last changed.

We need to remove the bracelet.

The new battery, a CR2320. Finally got one.

The usual suspects, the tools. Make sure you have the right screwdriver and it is the right size.

I checked and the correct size is 140 or the gray one. Make sure the width of the tip is the same size as the screw head as we do not want to damage the screw head.

Disconnect the bracelet at the clasp. 

The next step is to remove the bracelet.

Again you need to choose the right size spring bar removal tool. You can tape the sides of the lugs to prevent scratches.

Another view of the spring bar access. Some of you may notice that the serial number is missing. Nope it is not missing, it has been photoshop out.

The bracelets removed. You can see the number of the end piece.

Now to remove the case back. 

As mentioned earlier, check to make sure the screwdriver is of the right size. 

What I do is to press down on the case back while i 'break' the torque on the screw. I unscrew the screw half a turn in a criss-cross manner. This is ensure the case back is not stressed and will not warp. Once I have 'broken' the torque, I proceed to loosen the screws (again in a criss-cross manner).

I use a spot of Rodico to hold the case back. I elevate the case back as I do not want the screws to fall off the case back. 

Once the case back is removed, you can see the secondary case back. The piezoelectric speaker is fitted to this case back. This case back also acts as the water resistant shield. It is held in place by the main case back. I can understand why the water resistant rating of the watch is only 3 ATM.

You can see the piezoelectric speaker in the centre of the case back.

You can see some writing on the case back, 'SW0803B and some gibberish'. I have no idea what is the writing on the inner case back, but I suspect it stands for SW Swatch Service Centre?, 0803 March 2008 and B???? battery? 

The Omega Calibre 1666. You can see the battery. There is no battery holder. It is held in place by a small tab which you can just make out at the 8 o'clock position.

Another view of the module.

Use a non-metallic tweezer to pop the battery out.

Careful not to dislodge or damage this spring. 

The spring is not missing. It is just the plastic film is 'warped'. Blow out any dust and debris out with a watch blower. 

The new battery inserted. 

Check that the display comes on. Check that the EL back light works. The Omega Calibre 1666 is know to be very 'fussy' with batteries. I have read that people have replaced the battery and the EOL comes on when the EL back light is selected. 

Once everything checks out, just put everything back together. Remember to lubricate the gasket.

The installation process is opposite to the removal. I fasten the screws in a criss-cross manner but I do not tighten it all the way. Once all the screws are about the same turns in, only then do I tighten the screws. After all the screws are tighten, I do a final check by fastening the screws in a circular manner.

I you notice, the case back is fool proof in installation as there are 9 screws and 2 off them are located around the crown. This means you cannot get the orientation of the 'sea-horse' wrong.

The time and date is back to factory setting.

The time and date adjusted to the correct time and date.

And there you have it. All done for the next two years (average life of an X-33 battery).

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