Monday, December 20, 2010

ETA 955.412 Stem removal and installation

This post is in relation to an earlier post on the Kronos watch modification and the ETA 804 stem removal and installation. The replacement movement I used is the ETA 955.412 movement. This is the movement shown below.

To remove the stem, you will need to locate the button to release the winding stem. This button is shown by the RED arrow. It is also indicated by the gold arrow which is part of the circuit. Careful when you press the button. Do not press too hard. I usually put the stem at the time setting position before I remove the stem.

Also there is a need to modify the movement spacer cum battery holder. Just snip (carefully) the spacer, 180 degrees from the original cut-out and you can rotate the spacer so that the tab 'holds down' the battery. In the photograph below, the arrow at the 9 o'clock position is the original cut-out while the one at the 3 o'clock is the new one.

Hope this helps to all those who have asked.

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  1. How to you install the stem once it is removed? It does not seem to want to go back in, and I do not want to force it! Do you have to push the button to get it to go back into the movement?