Saturday, December 25, 2010

Watch shopping in Tokyo (small update)

The holiday is fast coming to an end. It has been a great holiday. Anyway a small update to watch shopping in Tokyo. We visited Venus Fort in Odaiba today. It is a large shopping mall. In it you will find the Citizen Outlet store. Lots to see here but the stock is limited to what is in the store. Not sure if it cheaper compared to normal stores.

The other watch shops located in Venus fort is move. This is a small shop but carries brands like Swatch, Casio, and a host of fashion brands. You can also find the Ice Watch Boutique. Lots of watches from the brand. I picked up a limited edition Ice Watch x Disney Tron watch.

Lastly you will find the Laox store. This shop sells electrical goods and also watches. It is fun to see top end watches being sold next to electrical goods. The collection of Seiko and Citizen (and subsidiary brands included) is vast. I do know that there is a big Laox watch shop in Shinjuku. I was told that it carries about 10,000 watches. 

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