Monday, December 06, 2010

Monthly chore Part 2

There are other reasons why I charge the Tough Solar G-shocks monthly. And it has nothing to do with the watches. It makes me check the other G-Shocks in my collection that are not powered by the Tough solar module. I check them on a monthly basis for depleted batteries and also 'play' with them. 

Normally I do find at least one with an expired battery. I do know that there are collectors who do not change the battery but remove them once it is depleted. I like the watches fully powered. Anyway this time it is the turn of the DW-8201WC-7T. This is the WCCS Frogman. The watch was issued in 1998 and is part of 4 Frogman issued under the WCCS collaboration. Stay tune for the battery change coming soon. 

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