Saturday, October 26, 2013

Black and white..

The buckles below are made of ebony. But not your normal ebony but a rare black and white ebony. Yes, these buckles are from Fine Watch Buckles. The buckles are finely textured and have a very smooth polished finish. You can see how it reflects the light. 

The first buckle is more refined in design. You can see the 'strips' on the buckle. 

The beautiful ebony black on the top of the buckle. 

The trademark tapering at the under side of the buckle. 

A very well made buckle. 

The second buckle is more industrial in design. Note the angles. This buckle is for 26mm straps. The earlier buckle is for 24mm straps.

The taper. Well made buckles and well finish. 

I do like the strips of the wood. 

The holes for the spring bars. 

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