Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sparc Sigma MGS watch

Ventura has released a limited edition red Sparc Sigma MGS watch. There are two models, both limited edition of only 50 pieces. The watches are based on the popular Ventura Sparc MGS watches. The new watch sports a new red colour and to complement the colour, a completely new more organic and curvy case. The new watches are designed by Paolo Fancelli. 

The watch is still powered by a Micro Generator System (hence the name MGS) housed in a sapphire crystal case. The same 12 digit LCD is still there as is the LED backlighting and the prominent scroll controller. The watches are water resistant to 3 ATM. 

The best thing about the watches are you can still select the limited edition number, not many but still there. The watches are priced around USD 5,000. 

For more information:

The W72 Limited Red

The W77 Limited Red

Photographs: Ventura

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