Wednesday, October 23, 2013

RSC visit

Early this morning, I went to the local RSC (Rolex Service Center) to send in a good friend's watch for a service. 

The case back. Some water stains... Evidently the watch has never been serviced. And for those with sharp eyes, yes it is a reference 16750, but not just any 16750. 

The movement. Looks pretty clean. The case looks good as well. 

Closer view. 

Can't wait to get it back and do a review and a side by side shot with my 1675.... :)

The thing is, to me anyway, no matter how you look at things, round and round we go in the watch collecting thing we do, it always comes back to Rolex (and its little brother). Full circle, buying the watch, enjoying the watch and after sales service. Complete package. No wonder it retains its value well.... 

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