Tuesday, October 29, 2013


This is the final part of the review on exotic buckles from Fine Watch Buckles from Germany. Talk about saving the best for last. Ivory. Not just any ivory but vintage ivory... no, ancient would be a better word. 

The buckles below are all made from ivory that is more then 10,000 years old. Yes, 10,000 years old. These would not be from elephants but its ancestors, the mammoth. Wow. 

Blue mineralised mammoth ivory fossil. Very rare.

The inside.

A sample buckle made from this material. 

As with other buckles from Fine Watch Buckles, this buckle is well made. It has a polished finish. Smooth to the touch. 

You can see the texture on the top of the buckle. 

The spring bar holes. 

The trademark tapered underside. Very smooth and well finished. 

No tool marks evident. 

Other buckles made from 10,000 year old ivory...

This has a dark brown finish. I like this buckle. 

Again well made with a beautiful finish. 

The buckle maintains the curved nature of the ivory. 

This buckle is unique as it does not have the smooth finish. You can actually feel the grooves of the strips. 

This is the same in that you can feel the grooves or indentation on the buckle. 

Again, very beautiful buckle. 

The smooth tapering. 

The deep grooves. 

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