Friday, October 04, 2013

Busy busy....

It has been a busy few days if not week. But everything seems to be coming together. Starting tomorrow I will be away for a working holiday. Excitement is in the air. The past week has been busy with the following: 

Project watch with the forum I help out. Great to be able to work with a nice bunch of people to get the project watch started and ongoing. 

Been wearing the GGW G5 for the past week and will be wearing it for the holiday. Review after that. :)

Been to this place again... :)


Exotic skin...

Very nice indeed...

24mm Ammo...... or is it?

One of the straps I got from them. 

Yes, it is very long. 


The other reason I was there. Working with them (Wotancraft) on a leather strap for the Pelagos. 

Not too bad for a first attempt. 

Fits pretty well actually. 

What better way to end the week and start the holiday with this...

1:Face at a time....

Just hope this does not ruin it all....

Typhoon Danas and Fitow. Yes, two typhoon expected to merge and may hit Taiwan.

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