Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2nd. Movement

Nope this has nothing to do with classical music. Just to update on the first movement, it has been about 24 hours now and it is still running. I am rather happy with it. Checking the movement on the vertical plane. Not very scientific actually.

As for the second movement, I started to strip it down last night. These are the removed parts. The plate, top plate view.

Bottom plate view.

Center wheel and the Canon pinion. There are 2 because one is from the other movement.

The barrel and barrel bar. The barrel bar looks different from the standard ETA/ Unitas 64XX barrel bar as the barrel bar on this movement has been combined with the escape bar. The escape bar on this movement has been divided into 2 parts, where in the original it is one piece.

The balance cock. since I do not have a balance cock holder, the safe way to keep the balance cock is to put it upside down.

The keyless works. Here you can see the cover plate, return spring, return bar, pull-out piece, pull-out piece screw, sliding pinion, winding pinion, minute wheel and intermediate wheels.

Here we see the ratchet wheel, crown wheel, pallet cock, pallet, click, click spring, crown wheel washer and part of the escape bar. This escape bar holds the escape wheel.

Here we have the other part of the escape bar which has been combined with the barrel bar. With it we have the escape wheel, third wheel and fourth wheel.

And there you have it, the parts that make up the Chinese made ETA/ Unitas 64XX movement. Here are all the parts.

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