Thursday, September 03, 2009

Casio launches new Frogman

Casio has finally launched the much awaited Frogman. The watch, model number GWF-1000-1 will be available from September 20, so expect it soon. The GWF-1000B-1 will be launched at the end of October. The retail price for the GWF-1000-1 is expected to be around USD 730 and the GWF-1000B-1 at USD 850. The GWF-1000B-1 looks like it is the 'gold' version of the standard GWF-1000-1. This puts the new watch at almost double the price of the current Frogman.

The new Frogman will maintain its ISO standard dive rating of 200M and will offer a host of new functions.

Basic specifications:

Tide graph
Moon phase
Dive time
Dive time interval
Dive log (10 memory)
World time - 48 cities (31 time zones)
Alarm (5)
Low temperature operation
Ability to operate the buttons underwater
6 Band Atomic (Japan 2, China, US, UK, Germany)
Tough Solar

The screw-down case back will be DLC Black.

For more information:



Photographs: akiharabanews

The ad for the watch.

Photograph: Casio


  1. Damn! I'm sure my wallet's gonna get thinner. How much is it bro?

  2. Hi Erwin,

    The prices start from USD 750. There is a limited edition coming out and that is expected to retail for about USD 1,000.