Friday, September 18, 2009

Standel Watch Box

Today was a busy day at my local watch shop. I went there to pick up another watch winder and a Casio watch display stand. The winder is a Boxy Watch Winder. However this blog entry is about the free gift that I got with the winder. I wanted to get a watch box for the wife's watches. So I inquired and they gave me this box.

It is made by a company called Standel. I have tried searching the Internet about this watch company but could not not find anything. However I tried to search the watch shop website and I found some details. I believe that Standel is a house brand of this watch shop. According to the information that I have, this company, Standel (Stendhal) has been around since 1888 and was founded by a watch maker called Desprez Stager. I say no more on this. On to the watch box.

It is made of wood and the finish is pretty good. The wood colour is dark brown. The box is signed on the lid and it is not lockable. The bottom is lined with velvet. The box measures 21 cm X 21 cm X 8cm.

The inside is velvet lined and is rendered in beige. The box can accommodate 3 watches and a couple of rings. The interesting aspect of the box is the music player that comes with the box. It is located on the top left corner of the box. It plays the theme song from 'Love Story'.

The music player which is made in Japan.

The insert that holds the watch is hard and that is my only complain about the box. My wife has thin hands and her watches are adjusted small. However when the insert is in the watch, the watch cannot be fastened. You will see this in the photograph below.

Note that the Tag cannot be fastened. You do not see this on the Omega as the Omega has the sliding buckle. It is not fastened as well.

Inside the lid is a mirror. I find this good as you can see how the watch looks like when you wear it. I believe most ladies would like this. The mirror is signed.

As I said earlier, the finish of the box is good and the overall quality is good as well. You can see this in the hinges (as many manufactures overlook this). The lid hinge is external.

And the hinge mechanism on the inside. The screws are the same colour as the hinge.

Overall, I am happy with the box. Of course it is great to get the box for free, but I would pay for the box. According to the shop, they are selling the box for NTD 2,000 (USD60).

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