Saturday, September 19, 2009

My weekly chore?

A couple post ago, I showed what was my monthly chore. Now I am posting about my weekly chore. Well it is not really a chore, as I find it a rather fun thing to do. I do this once a week. I wind all my hand wound watches. Yes I do appreciate that they will stop after 36 hours (yes, those old military ones) to 61 hours, but at least they tick for a couple of days a week.

The boys.

The military boys. From left, SandY 184A (NOS issued but unused), Hamilton GG-W-113, Benrus DTU-2A/P, Hamilton Geneve 6bb and CWC W10 watches.

The 'military' boys. From left, Panerai PAM183J, Panerai PAM111H, Panerai PAM003B and WWC Flieger A. The alphabet after the numbers in the Panerai denote the year, J - 2007, H - 2005 and B - 1999. The last watch is a home assembled watch. The parts were sourced from Germany and it is powered by the ETA 2801. WWC is the name of the watches that I have and am assembling at the moment. These watches will be given out as gifts, at the moment.

A review of these watches and other watches that I own will be done in the coming days and week.

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