Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Military Watch Collection

I was talking to a couple of close friends on military watches and thought I will post my current collection here on my blog. I have 9 issued military watches and am looking to add perhaps 1 or 2 more to the collection. I am looking at a Hamilton G10 mechanical and a W.W.W. watch. Most of the watches are quartz powered watches and most are British issued watches. I will be reviewing them as well. I have done a review of the Hamilton GG-W-113.

The boys.

The American boys. From left: SandY184A (NOS, issued but unused), Hamilton GG-W-113 and Benrus DTU-2A/P. All the American boys are mechanical.

The British boys. From left: CWC W10 mechanical, Hamilton Geneve 6bb mechanical, CWC 6BB thick case quartz, CWC 555 quartz, CWC 552 quartz and Precista W10 quartz thick case.

Stay tuned for the reviews.


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  2. O boy! You're a huge military watch collection. I'm impressed. I just started collecting military watches, so far I've got only 5 into my collection.