Sunday, September 13, 2009

Watch Transportation Box

Well since I posted on my watch travel cases, I was asked about if other watch company transport their watches in boxes other then the ones that come with the watches. Well I do not know. I can only say that Rolex, Tudor, Patek and Longines does. Why? Well that is what I have seen to have transportation boxes.

The Tudor Transportation Box? Plastic case to be more accurate. I got this from the shop I frequent. They had it in the drawer and they showed it to me. I asked if I could have it and they gave it to me. The plastic case has 2 sections, the larger for the watch and the smaller in the back for the tags. The watch still comes wrapped in 'shrink-wrap' and is further protected by a layer of film to protect the finish of the case. The 'lip' closes and secures the contents and is held by the white button.

The front view.

Another view.

The back view. You can see the red tag that is found on the case back of a Tudor watch. The watch that came with this case is the Prince Date-Day.

The Longines box. The box is made of paper. The tags that you see on the box indicates the content of the box. It is a normal brown box, but the inside is design to give some protection to the watch. I assume that Longines watches with leather straps are transported in this type of box because the watch is laid flat in the box.

The inside of the box. The inside is filled with a thick white cardboard like paper that has been folded into an accordion design. It is this design that provides protection. Of course the watch itself is further protected as it is inside a plastic tube. The watch sits in the center of the box.

The Rolex box. This you have seen in an earlier post. I have a few of these boxes as they were given to me by the same shop. I asked them if they had any travel pouch and they gave me the boxes. The outer plastic is thick and tough. The foam inside is soft and is shaped for Rolex watches. I could fit my Revue Thommen as it is smaller as compared to a Rolex.

The box. The 2 lines align with other boxes for stacking.

Side view. These boxes are stackable and makes storage easy.

The bottom. The box opens from the bottom.

The inside. Bottom view.

The foam. This is the back where the watch bracelet will be.

The top view. The watch face will be here. Note the 4 fingers that will hold the watch in place and provide protection. The bracelet will loop between the 2 tubes at each extremes.

How it would look like with a watch in place.

I am sure other watch companies does the same. I have seen Pateks in their transportation boxes, but I don't have any pictures of it. I will update on this topic if I can get more information and pictures of other transportation boxes.

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