Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Seiko Neo Sports New Watch

One of the readers of my blog asked me about a particular Seiko watch. I like Seiko watches and was very interested to find out more about it as I could not find out a lot on the Internet about the watches. They are the Seiko SNN 209, 211, 213, 217 and 219 models. Thus far I have managed to find out that these watches are very new to the Seiko Neo Sports series. The only place I could find any information was from the Seiko Thailand website and from the Seiko shop in Taiwan. The Seiko Taiwan website has not been updated to show this model.

The basic specifications:
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date and chronograph
Movement: Seiko 7T94 calibre
Case: stainless steel, solid screw back
Crystal: Hardex crystal
Water resistant: 10 ATM

Taiwan has just launched the watch and the only models available are these; SNN209, SNN207, SNN215 and SNN211.

SNN209. I believe the SNN 207 is the white dial version of the SNN209.

The actual watch. I tried the watch and it is heavy. It is very big, I estimate the diameter to be about 42 mm. The lady at the shop allowed me to take a photograph of the watch. Excuse the poor quality of the photograph as it was taken by a camera phone.

SNN211. I tried this watch as well. It is much lighter, maybe due to the savings in having a leather strap. However I did not like the fact that the buttons were not the same colour as the case. I don't have a photograph of this watch as the lady did not allow me to photograph this watch.

SNN217: DLC or PVD case? Not available in Taiwan. I believe the SNN215 is the stainless steel version of the SNN217 (with black dial).


I was told that these watches retails from MYR756, but I am not sure if it is with the metal bracelet or cloth strap. They are retailing at NTD 8900 (with metal bracelet). I will update this as soon as I can find more information.


  1. Ivan,

    Thanks for the write-up. I had the same heads-up only from Seiko Thailand.

    The SNN213P1 (my favourite) has the same design, sand-blasted body, black dial and comes with Seiko black nylon strap. I've been able to acquire some discounts for this watch and the price is very tempting (MYR fiver!). I will put this watch in my HOT-LIST and I will let you know once i purchase one.

    Thanks anyway Bro!

  2. Hi Erwin,

    No problems. There are some additional photographs and information on the blog.



  3. Hi Ivan,
    I stumbled on to this site while searching for this Seiko. I just got the Green/Khaki dial and love it. So I was looking for the PVD/Gun Metal version, and ended up here.
    Well, I too am in Taiwan - Taipei, to be precise. I hear Taiwan is one of the hot markets for high-end watches, but I myself don't do much buying here. (Language problem also a factor.) Maybe you know some info? If you do, I'd appreciate it if you could enlighten me. You can PM me at xnoisia@hotmail.com

  4. Hi A-Tang,

    Welcome to the blog. With regards to shopping here in Taiwan, are you looking for new watches or pre-loved? Most of the shops here can deal in English. Should not be a problem. However if you want we can meet up.

    Best regards,


  5. Ivan, do you know if this has a screw-down crown?

  6. Hi hks3sgte,

    Welcome to the blog. If I not mistaken it does not have a screw-down crown. It is a standard push pull crown.

    Best regards,


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