Friday, September 04, 2009

Cartier Exhibition in China

Cartier, together with the Palace Museum will host an exhibition Treasures Cartier - King of Jewelers, Jewelers of Kings. The exhibition will be held at the Meridian Gate Gallery of the Palace Museum, Beijing. The exhibition will begin on September 5th and run until November 22nd.

There will be about 350 items on display and the display will be divided into 4 sections. The first 2 sections will focus on jewels with European elements and the other 2 sections will feature jewels with Chinese elements. All the pieces will be from the Cartier Collection, from the founding of Cartier to creation in the 70s'.

Interesting exhibits includes the following:

Chimera Mystery Clock (1926)

Portique Mystery Clock (1923)

Photographs: Watchtime

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