Monday, September 07, 2009

Moving watches - my travel pouch

In this entry, I will talk about my watch travel pouch. I have a few here with me and a few back home (home country). The first one is from The Hour Glass. For those who do not know who The Hour Glass are, they are a leading luxury watch retailer in Asia Pacific. They represent over 60 brands across 25 boutiques in 9 cites in Asia Pacific. Back to the travel pouch. I got this pouch free from them.

The pouch is made from faux leather. The faux leather is textured, which gives it a nice finish. The pouch is lined with maroon velvet cloth. The lining is very thick and is glued to the outer cover. It is then stitched together. The company logo adorns the front flap of the pouch. The front flap also hides the locking button. The top flap actually goes below the tab and locks in place. Cool design.

The overall quality of the pouch is good if not great. The stitching is done in maroon and it matches the inside of the pouch. They even took the effort to plug the hole for the button with velvet. The pouch measures 7 cm by 25 cm closed. It can take a normal size watch pretty well and provides adequate protection.

Next is my IWC travel pouch. I got this during the launch of the IWC Ingenieur some time ago. The part number of the travel pouch is IWA 18787. I am sure it is available from IWC.

The pouch comes in a nice white box. The box is big, as is the pouch. The box measures 10 cm by 26 cm by 8 cm. I like the minimalist approach taken by IWC for the box. It is all white except for the top where we find the IWC signature.

In the box, we find the pouch. I believe it is also made of faux leather. The quality of the material used is much better as compared to the Hour Glass pouch. The travel pouch itself measures 25 cm long and it is a oblong tube.

On the flap, we find the IWC signature.

The flap is held in place with 2 buttons, positioned at the 2 extremes of the pouch.

The inside of the pouch is lined with grey suede material.

The tube on which the watch is to be attached is also rendered in grey. It is soft yet firm. The tube is 23.5 cm long, 4.2 cm thick and 7 cm wide. The overall fish of the tube is great. There is a feel of quality.

The tube sits snugly inside the pouch. This prevents the watch from moving about in the pouch. In fact, the watch is well protected in the pouch.

The pouch can take up to 5 watches, but that is a tight squeeze and only if you alternate the watches front to back. If you want all the watches to face the same way, the maximum will be 4 watches. That is also dependent on the diameter of the watches you have. As you can see, the maximum I can put is 3 watches as the watches I have in the pouch are rather large.

I have to say that the overall quality of the IWC pouch is just awesome. I have had this pouch for some time now and have been on trips with me. It still as new as when I got it.

Lastly I have these stack-able plastic boxes. These are the Rolex plastic transportation boxes. Yes, Rolexes are transported in these boxes and not in that nice green box that you get when you buy Rolex. I have a few of these boxes. Wish I have the corresponding number of Rolex watches. I don't.

These boxes are great for transporting and storing watches. However it does not work very well with watches fitted with leather straps as the foam in the box is not that strong. They are shaped to take Rolex.

The box measures 6.7 cm by 4.2 cm by 12 cm. There are grooves on the outside of the box and these allows the boxes to be stacked.

The box opens from the bottom.

The foam in the box. The watch head sits at the 12 o'clock position and is well protected by the extended prongs or fingers (4 off). The bracelet will loop around the foam. You can see from the picture above where the bracelet will loop. It is the 2 small holes. The 2 long tubes are positioning tubes. You can see these tubes in the second picture below.

I like the plastic boxes as well as they can be stacked and takes very little space. Great for traveling. And there you have my watch travel pouches.


  1. Haha... Nice Review!! Not much out there talking about travel pouches. By the way, I saw some new Seikos but cant find much review of them They are probably new in the market. It's the Neo Sports line: SNN209, 211, 217, 219 and my favourite 213P1. If you have any info or review, don't mind sharing it with us? By the way the SNN213P1 is selling for MYR756 retail. What's the price there in Taiwan?

  2. Hi Erwin,

    I am trying to include more into the blog, so stay tuned. As for the Seikos, I did some research and the watches are very new, although the series is not. Look out at todays blog entry.



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